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  Aldo Velani, Italy, 109
 (Underside) Dorielo, Rovera, Ardor, Venere, 2 P, Italy, Fatta a Mano, 2007
Venere pipes with two dots are the best of Ardor's production: About one pipe among 250-300.


  Arcadian, B (in diamond) Genuine Briar 76




  BERKSHIRE, Italian Bruyere
Probably a brand of Reiss-Premier Co




  Biltmore, Reserve


  Hand carved by K. Bittner
Artisan: K. Bittner


 Limited quantities Hand made


 Machine-carved but with exceptional grain


  B (In diamond) Briarmeer, Genuine Briar
Other Briarcraft second with two dots: Arcadian
Brands with one dot logo Brands with 3 dots logo Brands with 4 dots logo Brands with more than 4 dots logo


 2 dots

(Left side) Brigham, Can Pat. 372885, 229

Pipes with two dots on the stem correspond to the 2xx numbered shapes (200 series).




(Left side) Brio High Class Briar Made in Spain
Brand from Ibéricas de Pipas


 (Left side) Calvert, Super De Luxe
 (Right side) Imported Briar
  A dot on each side of the stem
Brand distributed by Harry J. Gorfinkel (Wilczak & Colwell, op. cit.)


 (Underside) Fatta a Mano (Arched) Carcano, Made in Italy, Fiammata
Artisan: Ettore (?) Carcano
Address (?): via IV novembre, 27
21026 Gavirate (VA)


 Catalonia Spain

Logo and stamping from different pipes


Artisan: Carlos Royo i Porta (born 1955) started as pipemaker in 2007.

Production: ~ 30 pipes/year








  Chester Briar ...the 42
Probably a brand of Reiss-Premier Co




Production: About 50 freehand pipes/year
Brands with one bar logo 

 (Left side) dal 1988, Pipa Croci, Fatta a mano, Mantova, Italia

(Right side) [Emblem in oval] .True.I.

  Custom-Bilt [Star]   One dot of each side of the mouthpiece


Demuth's Tobacco Shop
Lancaster PA USA

 (Top side) Demuth, Lancaster. PA

(Bottom side) 99, Meerschaum, Inner Bowl

Demuth's Tobacco Shop is still (2010) in the original building, 114 E. King St., where the company started 1770 in Lancaster (Pennsylvania). In 1986, the shop was sold by Demuth family member Dorothea Demuth to the Demuth Foundation.

Note: Lancaster County is the place where the first sizable Amish group arrived about 1720 - 1730.

Do not confuse this tobacconist label with the William Demuth Pipe Company (WDC).



 (Underside) 33, P (In diamond), Fremont, Italian Briar
A brand of Reiss-Premier Co


 Czech Republic
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Artisan: Pavel Hodula


 (Left side) John Surrey. Ltd    (Right side) Sir John


 (Left side) Kapp
 (Right side) Genuine, Imported Briar, Ireland (faint)
Maybe an early pipe from Kapp & Peterson's workshops
Brooklyn, NY USA
Brands with one bar logo Brands with diamond logo 
  Barrister, LHS (in diamond) Real Briar
Pipe stamped as a LHS "Barrister" line.
See also Barrister as a LHS second brand.


(Left side) Marwyn, LHS (In diamond)
  LHS (In diamond), Purex, Pat. N° 1587048, Real Briar

LHS: L&H Stern

LHS second: London Royal, Stanhope
See also: Barrister

Logo and stamping from different pipes

  Lillehammer 784
▲ Two small red squares: one on the shank the other on the stem to align them.


Milano  Italy

 (Left side) Luciano

(Right side Hand Finished, In Italy, 2010

(Underside) Pease, Di Piazza, Design

Brand created in 2007 by Luca di Piazza (Neatpipes). Luca designs the pipes which are usualy crafted by Radice. In 2009 he begins to collaborate with Greg Pease (USA) to design a Pease/DiPiazza serie of chubby pipes.
 North Carolina USA


 Made by Tonino Jacono




 (Left side) Manhattan, supreme

(Right side) Imported Briar, Italy

This pipe may be from The Manhattan Briar Pipe Co. Other "Manhattan" brands are also mentioned to be of English origin (see J.M. Lopes, op. cit. p.167 and Wilczak & Colwell, op. cit. p.69).


Brooklyn, MI  USA
  Marchetti Pipes, 253    One oval dot on both top and bottom of the stem
Artisan: Phil DeFant


Park Forest, IL USA


two dots middle of stem
  Moretti Recanati
Pipe carved about 1995 for Carlo Lodi, the president of the Pipa Club Italia.


  Radice, Clear, Made in Italy, Cucciago -co
The usual dot position.

  Radice, Dark, Hand made in Italy

Huber München (retailer´s address)

Filter pipe design for German market.

two dots transversely arranged on a lucite stem.

This pipe has two airways drilled into the stem. Other "twin bore" pipes: Grand Master, Kaywoodie Durobit, Leonard's

    oil cured
    2006 hand made in italy
One dot on each side of stem.


  Rettalb "Rettalb" is an anagram of Blatter
Artisan: Michail Revagin

Brand of the Ronson Corp. known for its lighters

Others lighter brands having distributed pipes: Flamidor , Myon, S.T. Dupont, Silver Match

Brands with one blue or green dot logo Brands with 4 dots logo Brands with more than 4 dots logo
Sasieni, London Made, PAT.N°150221/20 Made in England (Arched)
  Pre-transition, Duplicated One dot, 1920 - 1939

Sasieni, London Made, PAT. No. 150221/20

Made in England 757

 Pre-transition period, Duplicated One dot, 1920 - 1939 


Pre-transition, Two dot, 1961 - 1979
Sasieni à deux points Sasieni à deux points
Brands with one dot logo Brands with 3 dots logo
 Savinelli Nonpareil (Script), [shield] 9904
The Non Pareil line is stamped with a 3 or a 4 digits shape code which is an exception to Savinelli's routine 3 digits shape code. (see shape chart document)
 (Underside) Savinelli, Gold, [Shield] 623, Italy




[Shield] 320 KS Italy

This pipe doesn't bear any line name stamping.

See also the 320 KS shape in a smooth finish (Siena line) and the 320 EX version (Hercules line)

Siro Taioli

Brands with one bar logo


Distibutor for Croci in Spain. Symetric logo: bar & two dots, one on each side


Philmont, NY USA

Logo and stamping from different pipes

(Underside) Skoda Pipes (in oval)

Artisan: Joe Skoda started making my pipes in the spring of 1997.

Joe Skoda 2012

Stampings: a four digits number indicates the year (2 digits) and the sequence in which the pipe was made.

Top grade pipes are stamped with a combination of the Alpha or Omega symbols with a latin letter.


USA France
  Ligne Bretagne, Faite en Brentagne, 5, 2

Artisan: Trever Talbert. His comments on these pipe markings:

"There was a brief period (Ed. note: about 2006) when I was marking the stem of each "Ligne Bretagne" with a number of liquid metal dots equal to its grade - a grade 2 got 2 dots, etc.  It turned out to be too costly in material and labor and bother, so I stopped it after perhaps six months.  So, there are a few pipes out there with stem logos, but not many."

  (Underside left) Totem Star, 2008 USA 90025 018 Cu2
Artisan: Gunnar Weber-Prada working in Los Angeles CA (2009).
Gunnar Weber-Prada

 (Left side) Wally Frank Ltd.

(Right side) Natural, Unvarnished

 (Left side) WDC (In triangle) Demuth, Gold Dot

(Right side) Imported, Briar Root, 77


(Poul) Poul Winsløw


  Winslow Handcut Denmark

Poul Winsløw used to work for the Preben Holm pipe studio since the 1970’s until he estabished on his own in 1985.

Production: ~ 3000 pipes/year
See also: Crown

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