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Brand with an arcitecture logo

 (Left side) Melita, Made in Italy, 127
  (Right side) [Savinelli's shield] , 12
Similar (or same?) logos: Honey-Swete, La Ruche


 (Top left) Molinella
(Bottom left) Savinelli
(Right side) [Shield] 623, Italy

Other 623 models: Gold, Sherwood

Similar logo: Oldenkott

Non Pareil

Brands with 2 dots logo

  Savinelli Nonpareil (Script),

[shield] 9904

The Non Pareil line is stamped with a 3 or a 4 digits shape code which is an exception to Savinelli's routine 3 digits shape code. (see shape chart document)
Brands with one dot logo


  Savinelli, Nonpareil (Script), Italy   Exceptionally one dot, usually two.


Brands with star logo



Oscar Aged Briar

(Right side)


802 Italy

Savinelli product

Brands with star logo


(Left side)

Oscar Lucite

(Right side)


611 KS


Pipes from the Oscar line are not free from fillings.

See also (same star logo): Savinelli Antique Shell, Savinelli Garda, Savinelli Sila


Brand with an arcitecture logo


  Pisa, ...

Punto Oro




 (Left side) La Savinelli, Punto Oro
Brands with one dot logo

  (Left side) Savinelli, Punto Oro, -Mister G
(Right side) [Shield] 122, Italy
Brands with one dot logo

(On top) Savinelli Punto Oro SUPER (Underside) 803 KS Italy
Savinelli's Punto Oro pipes stamped "SUPER" were marketed in the early 1980's and canceled some few years after.
The dots on the stems of Punto Oro pipes are made of brass.

Rock Grain

Brands with animal logo

  Savinelli, Rock Grain, Italy
No shape code, no shield stamping for this model. The logo on the stem is the same as for the "Hand Made" line.




 Roma [Savinelli's shield]   Axial orientation of the schield logo on top of mouthpiece
Brands with shield logo

 Roma [Savinelli's shield] 702, Italy     Vertically oriented schield logo on side of mouthpiece
Compare the different Savinelli shields.

Royal Oak

Brands with several bars logo


  Royal Oak 510 KS, Italy
See also (same bar logo): Bent Bob's, Kings Cross




  Savinelli S.L.E. [Savinelli's shield] 316




  Samanda, Old Briar,

[Savinelli's shield] 506 Italy

Other 506 model: De Luxe


Brands with an unique letter logo

 (Left side) Sherwood, Rock Briar
[Shield] 623, Savinelli Italy
Other 623 models: Gold, Molinella


Brands with an unique letter logo


  siena, 320 KS, Italy

Other Savinelli line marked with the same "S":
Dry System

The 320 shape in other Savinelli lines:
Sandblasted 320KS, 320EX Hercules, 320EX Erica Fiamma




  Savinelli, Sigla


Brands with star logo

 (Left side) Sila
 (Right side) [Shield] 606 KS, Italy
Savinelli series with the same stem logo: Savinelli Antique Shell, Savinelli Garda, Savinelli Oscar


Brands with animal logo

(Left side) Sport

(Right side) Savinelli

(Underside) Italy

Other Savinelli model with the same logo: Albatross

Straight Grain

(On top)

Savinelli, Straight Grain

C (grade)


[Shield] 440 KS, Italy

Savinelli pipes from the "Straight Grain" line have a grade (letter). They share this privilege only with those of the "Autograph" line (number) and early pipes of the "Giubileo d'Oro" line (stars).



  Savinelli (Arched) Tortuga, [Shield] 305, Italy

Vertical shield


 Savinelli (Arched) Tortuga, [Shield] 602, Italy

Horizontal shield

Neither the cap nor the stem are made from genuine turtles' shell (see enlarged views). it is a synthetic imitation.


Brands with shield logo


  Savinelli (Arched) Virginia

[Savinelli's shield] 624KS Italy

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