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Text updated Sept 2011

Statistics updated October 2013


Why photographs?

Order and typology

Selecting the pictures

The author


Initially in 2007 this project was to list and illustrate trademarks placing or having placed a logo, a symbol, an acronym on their pipe stems. (One or several letters, one or several dots, a geometrical pattern, a crown etc...). That was decided to limit the job. In other words, until 2011 one could find very few brands or artisans in this website only stamping shanks.

In 2009 came the first exception to the rule: a part of this site focuses on Dunhill's complex shank markings and may be a useful tool for Dunhill pipe dating.

Given the progress of the survey it has been decided (late 2011) to include gradually brands and especially artisans not marking their stems focusing in this case on the shank stampings.


Why photos?

Both logo on the stem and markings on the shank of a pipe are elements to be considered when identifying a trademark, manufacture period or grade.

Websites cataloguing pipe logos usualy propose drawn reproductions. A photographic representation, even if not as precise as a drawing, is closer to reality.

Some advantages of photographic pictures:

  • They reproduce effects of matter (wood, metal, mother of pearl...) transparency or shimmer of a logo.
  • They inform of the plumpness of the stem and size of markings relative to stem diameter.
  • They make aware of markings positions on stem and shank.
  • They allow a faithfully restitution of the logos and markings time evolution.

Order and typology

The brands are sorted alphabetically in the same way Jose Manuel Lopes does in his book. Trademarks not reported by J.M. Manuel are displayed with my own logic.

Index page allows

  • alphabetical access
  • access by symbol type (or theme) for stem logos
  • access by country
  • Furthermore this page presents each month a brand selected by the author for its logo's originality.

The symbol typology is typical to this work.

Given a trademark, it is possible to accede to others trademarks which adopt or have adopted the same kind of signs on their stem or from the same country
i.e.: Brands with star logo Brands with ring  logo Brands with two letters logo etc..., Denmark USA Germany etc...

The lack of a trademark in this survey is due to unavaliability of correct pictures.

Selecting the pictures

To select pictures, criteria apply with decreasing importance like this:

  • Sharpness and high resolution of logo picture.
  • Availability of logo AND stampings pictures for a unique pipe.(*)
  • Wear of the engraving.
  • Inconvenience due to reflections which may hide information.
  • Angle of snapshoot, particularly when volume and relief are important.

(*) Tags:

Logo and stamping pictures coming from two different pipes.

Brand or maker never stamping a logo on the stem

The website is regularely updated to improve illustration quality () or to complete lacking trademarks ( ).

The Author

Richard Faerber (aka: Pipephil)


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