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Erica Fiamma


(Left side)

Erica Fiamma

(Right side)

[Shield] Italy, 320KS


Savinelli Product

Other Savinelli line with the same logo: Fiammata

Same 320 shape in other Savinelli lines:

Sandblasted 320KS, 320EX Hercules, 320KS Siena.

(Left side) Erica Fiamma

(Underside) Savinelli Product

Other Savinelli line with the same sun logo: Molinella

Similar logo: Oldenkott


Brands with crown logo
Estar [Shield] 504 Italy, KS


Estella 101 Italy


Brands with crown logo

(Left side) Savinelli Extra

(Right side) 915 KS, Italy

Same crown logo: model 4001

Fat Boy

(Left side) Denby's Fat Boy (Right side) Savinelli Product Italy


Same logo: Savinelli Erica Fiamma


(Underside) Savinelli (Arched) Gandale
(Underside) [Shield] 106, Italy


Brands with star logo

(Left side) Garda

(Right side) [Savinelli Shield] 114 KS Italy

Savinelli series with the same stem logo: Savinelli Antique Shell, Savinelli Oscar, Savinelli Sila

Giubileo d'Oro

Brands with 3 dots logo

(Left side) La savinelli, Giubileo d'Oro

(Right side) [Shield] 624 KS, Italy

Brands with 3 dots logo

(Left side)

LA Savinelli, Giubileo d'Oro

(Right side)

[Savinelli Shield] 6003 Italy


Straight Grain

- Fiammata -

[ 2 stars ]

Remarkable marks on this pipe:

  • 4 digits shape number (6003). The pipe predates the 1970's.
  • Additional 2 stars indicating the grade (from 1 to 3 stars)
  • The three dots on the stem seem black because of the brass oxidation.
The "LA" article precedes the "SAVINELLI" stamping on all pipes from the Giubileo d'Oro line.


Brands with 2 dots logo

(Underside) Savinelli, Gold, [Shield] 623, Italy
Other 623 models: Molinella, Sherwood


(Underside) Savinelli, Goliath, [Shield] 515 EX, Italy

Grand Prix

Brands with one bar logo

(Left side) Savinelli, Grand Prix, Italy
Most (all?) "Grand Prix" pipes were leather covered.

Hand Made

Brands with animal logo
Hand Made , Italy
Brands with animal logo

Hand Made, Italy
The logo on the stem (crowned snake) seems slightly different from the one on the first pipe and an other one on a Rock Grain model.

Kings Cross

Brands with chevron logo

(Underside) Kings Cross, Faetherweight, Savinelli, Italy, 701
Brands with several bars logo

Kings Cross, Featherweigt, 305A
See also the "Kings Cross" brand and the "Kings Cross" line of Marxman.

La Milano

Brands with one bar logo
(Left side) SAVINELLI, La Milano, 4907 Italy


 (Underside) Savinelli, Leonardo, 5/100, Italy

(Top of the shank) Monna Lisa


Brands with shield logo
Savinelli, Linea, 5, [Savinelli's shield], Italy

Linea Artisan

Brands with one bar logo

Linea Artisan, Savinelli Product, [Savinelli's shield]
Hand made line.

Long John

(On top) Long John (On bottom) [Shield] 824 Italy Savinelli Product
This model is designed after the same principle than the Savinelli's "Doppio" line or the KB&B "The Pickwick" pipe. The shank is in two plugged parts to create the illusion of an extra-long canadian shape.
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