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San Francisco  USA
Brands with an unique letter logo


The Californian Made in England (Arched) Benaderet's London Made 127



(Top left side) Benaderet's, Paramount, San Fransisco

(Bottom right side) Made in England

(Top right side) 1030

Brands with an encircled letter logo


(Left side) Benadert's, Paramount

(Right side) Natural Grain, 9437

Losange, Diamond

(Left side) Benaderet's Franciscan

(Right side) Made in England 33

The House of Benaderet (1920) was located at 46 Geary Street. The tobacco store and the factory was owned by Sam Benaderet, and was famous for the cigarettes made from expensive aromatic tobaccos.
Benaderet's Inc. was California's oldest pipe and tobacco store when it went out of business in March 1980.

See also: Benaderet's as Sasieni second





Bent Nielsen

Hand Made in Denmark


Pipes stamped with the maker's full name -Bent Nielsen- were manufactured prior to those with his "Benner" nickname.

Grading system for these early pipes (ascending): 1 to 5

Brands with a gemstone logo

Brands with an unique letter logo

Artisan: Bent Nielsen worked at Karl Erik's factory before establishing on his self.



no logo on the stem


[Swan symbol]

― Handmade ―

― Made in Denmark ―

Artisan: Benni Jørgensen is a professional pipemaker since 1980. He worked for W.O. Larsen for 25 years. He sells his pipes under his own brand (Benni Pipes) since 2000. Lasse Skovgaard Jorgensen is his son.

Grading (smooth finish) (ascending): 1, 2, 3 and Swan


Brands with an unique letter logo


 (Left side) Bennington, De Luxe
 (Right side) Selected, Imported Briar
 (Left side) Bennington, Specimen Grain
(Right side) Imported Briar

Benson & Hedges

Brands with several letters logo


  B&H London Made X23

Bent Bob's

Brands with several bars logo

 (Left side) Bent Bob's, Italy (Underside) 633 1
See also (same logo): Royal Oak (Savinelli)


Bentley -Excellence in pipe & tobacco
Brands with an encircled letter logo

  BENTLEY Former's Design, Made in Denmark,

(On silver ring) Festival N°5

Artisans:   Hans Jonny Nielsen (nickname: "Former") and his wife Daniela Nielsen.
The brand created in 1987 in Switzerland (see BBK), has moved to Denmark in 1997. In 2007-2008 Former retired from Bentley production to devote himself to freehand pipes. Bentleys are produced (2011) by Holmer Knudsen at Dan Pipe Cigar & Company (Hafenstrasse 30 D-21481 Lauenburg/Elbe, Ge).

Production (2008): 1500 pipes/year.

See also Former

Bentley US

Brands with one red dot logo

  Bentley, Real Briar
The original box coming along with this Bentley pipe seem to testify to a Kaywoodie second.
See also: Willmer's Bentley pipe line
Brands with an unique letter logo

 (Left side) Sir Galahad, By Bentley
(Near the stem) Israel
Brands with an unique letter logo

  Bentley Aristocrat


 Verona Italy
Brands with an encircled letter logo

Brands with diamond logo

 (Left side) Benzon Piuma
(Right side) Radica Italiana Selezionata
See also: Frabenver, Morel


Brands with a spot or disk logo

 (Left side) Berbriar, Reg. U.S Pat Off
Berbriar is a brand of Briarwood Corp. (California USA). The pipe is made of ground wood (Briar?), the particules being agglomerated under very hight pressure (no glue, no heat). Briarwood Corp. was the company which exploited Manzanita (Mission Briar) during WWII



no logo on the stem


― A. Berezhnoy ―

― Hand Made Ukraine ―

Artisan: Alexandr Berezhnoy (born 1965) carves his first pipes in 2010.

Production (2011): ~60 pipes/year

Berkeley Club

Brands with two letters logo

  BERKELEY CLUB London made, 56, England (arched)


Brands with 2 dots logo



  BERKSHIRE, Italian Bruyere
Probably a brand of Reiss-Premier Co


(See Jacky Berrod)


St Claude  France
Brands with two letters logo



  Nocturne Made in France 
Group including brands like Butz Choquin, Chap, Claude Romain, Bontemps, Jima
See also: Jacky Berrod
Production (1999): 230 000 pipes/year




(Left side)

Bertram, Washington. D.C.



Brand founded by Bertram Goldmann, a German pipe maker who emigrated to USA in 1874. His grandson, Sydney Bertram Goldman opened a new factory in Washington D.C. in 1927.

The production stopped in late 1960s after the factory burnt down during the racial riots following the assassination of Martin Luther King.

Bertram's famous customers: Joseph Stalin, Gen. Douglas MacArthur, Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt.


(See John Bessai)


Brands with an unique letter logo

  Bewlay Dental Standard,

Pat. No.382443 Made in England - 4 



 (Side 1) Bewlay Popular
   (Side 2) London Made 258


  Bewlay, Sandblast, London Made, 257
Brand distributed by Bewlay & Co (chain of pipe stores) untill the 50s, taken over by Imperial Tobacco & Co
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