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(see Peterson)

K. Anastasopoulos

Athens Greece
Brands with ornate spot or disk logo


K.A.(In rectangle)


Dating: a four or five-digit number, where the last two digits show the year of construction and the 2 or 3 first digits identify the serial number of the pipe. (i.e. 8013 = 80th pipe carved in 2013).

Artisan: Konstantinos Anastasopoulos (born in 1980) started pipe carving in 2011 with the help of Kostas Gourvelos.

Production: ~ 100-150 pipes/year

Konstantinos Anastasopoulos

K.W. & Co


(Left side) Brito, London Made KW & Co
The Birmingham hallmarks on the silver band display the "O" year letter corresponding to 1913.


(Michael V.): see CHP-X

Kai Nielsen

Faaborg Denmark
Brands with one dot logo

V V V V Old Briar Straight Grain

(US market pipe)

A, Kai Nielsen, Hand Made in Denmark, Old Briar

( EU market pipe)

Kai Nielsen (born 1951) is the son of Viggo Nielsen and brother of Jorgen Nielsen.

Grading: "Jewel of Denmark" is the highest grade reserved for the finest pipes.
US market grading (ascending): 1 to 4 "V"
EU market grading (ascending): "D" to "A"

Some pipes crafted by Kai are stamped "Viggo Nielsen" and additionally signed "Kai Nielsen".

Kai Nielsen

Kaj Rasmussen


Brands with several letters logo

Do not confuse Kaj C. Rasmussen with Poul Rasmussen or Anne Julie Rasmussen or Kent Rasmussen which all are danish pipe carvers.

All the Rasmussen here.


See: Schimmenti Giuseppe


(Hans) Die Pfeifenfabrik Kallenberg

"K" logo used since 1997

THURINGIA Hand made Stylized "K" logo used since 1990

Artisan: Hans Kallenberg (retired)

Brand created by the grandfather Heinrich in 1919. Today (2011) Frank Peter Filß (Hans' pupil) continues the Kallenberg production.

Hans Kallenberg


Brands with 2 dots logo

(Left side) Kapp
(Right side) Genuine, Imported Briar, Ireland (faint)
Maybe an early pipe from Kapp & Peterson's workshops


Brands with an encircled letter logo



handmade Italy


Artisan: Karin is Romeo Domenico's (Mimmo) wife
Karin 2012

Karl Erik

Brands with two letters logo

Karl Erik Stavanger 4 Handmade Denmark


Brand created in 1965-66 by Karl Erik Ottendahl (1942 - 2004 †). In the best years he employed up to 15 craftsmen among which Bent Nielsen (see Benner) and Peder Christian Jeppesen.

Former grading (ascending): from 4 to 1, and "Ekstravagant" (entirely hand made)

Karl Erik
Twin Towers

Karl Kristian Olsen

Outrup Pibeservice Welcome
Outrup Denmark

K. Kr. Olsen, Handmade Outrup

Artisan: Karl Kristian Olsen

He repairs any pipes and has his own handmade production.

Outrup Pibeservice, Lykkesvej 11
DK-6855 Outrup - Denmark
Phone +45 75 25 14 00

Karsten Tarp

Brands with arrow logo

Brands with one dot logo

KARSTEN TARP (curved) Denmark (in circle) Hand Made, A

Artisan: Karsten Tarp (born 1954) started his carreer at the Bari pipe factory. He left the company after several years and established on his own as a part-time carver. He went full-time carver in 2010.

Gradings (ascending) named after Viking ships types:

  • Batr (sandblasted)
  • Snigge
  • Skuder (smooth)
  • Drakar (smooth)

Some pipes are stamped "Top grading", "Elephant Trunk", or "Crown".

Karsten Tarp 2009

BATR (sandblasted)

DRAKAR (smooth)

SNIGGE (sandblasted)


Long Island USA
Brands with 3 dots logo

Keith Owen

Brands with an encircled letter logo

(Left side) Keith Owen, London Made (Right side) 85



no logo on the stem


[Cat] Ken

Artisan: Ken'ichiro Dederichs-Uchida is born in Japan and lives in Germany. He started making pipes in 2005.

Markings: Only a signature and a cat logo. No grading.

Other pipe maker stamping a cat on his pipes: Brishuta

Ken Erickson

Brands with wooden spot or disk logo

Ken system pipes

The brand's name as logo

(Left side) Super Kent, Pat. 2242803
This pipe is fitted with a rather complicated system (see enlarged view). The corresponding patent description here (page 1 and 2).

(Left side) Ken, PAT. APLD


Kensington, Made in London, England, 33??
Brands with an encircled letter logo

See also the Kensington line of WDC

Kent Pipes


no logo on the stem


KENT, Handmade, Denmark [Butterfly]

no logo on the stem



Handmade Denmark

* * * (3 stars)

Artisan: Kent Rasmussen (born in 1961) started making pipes in 1998.

Grading (ascending): no stars, 1, 2 or 3 stars.

The butterfly is the hightest grade.

Kevin Arthur


no logo on the stem


Kevin Arthur (in circle)

Artisan: Kevin Arthur (born 1958) is a self taught pipe maker. He started to sell his pipes in 2007 and was discovered when he attended 2009 Chicago Pipe Show.


Brands with an unique letter logo

Keyer's, 505, Italy
Keyer's could be a private label for pipes made by Savinelli. All Savinelli's pipes of the 5xx series correspond to square shanks like this 505. (see document)


(see Alexey Kharlamov)


Brands with several letters logo
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