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Jolly Roger

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  Jolly Roger, St. Thomas, 535

Jolly Roger

Wallenstein Wallenstein: Blue Lobster Pipes
Brands with person logo


 (Underside) Jolly Roger
Artisan: Roger Wallenstein (AKA "Walle") known for his amazing pipe shapes and the Driftwood finish.

 Tête de mort (Skull)

 Roger Wallenstein : un artiste




  JON'S (in oval), 10


The brand's name as logo
Artisan: Jonas Bianca
Brand created in 1966. Pipes carved in North Italian briar and mainly exported to Germany and USA. Production discontinued in the early 1990s


See David Jones



no logo on the stem


― Germany, Saxonia ―

― JOPP (In oval)

[four diamonds]

Artisan: Uwe Jopp (born 1963) started carving pipes in 2003 and from 2005 he takes a particular interest in curved air passages.
Production (2009): 150-200 pipes/year
Early grading: A B C D
Current grading (2011) (ascending): from 1 to 5 diamonds.

Jørgen Larsen

Almind Denmark
Brands with two letters logo

  Jørgen L., Made in Denmark
Production: ~ 100 Pipes /year
See also: Peter Stokkebye, Jesper of Denmark
Jørgen Larsen

Jørgen Nielsen

Brands with one dot logo

(Left side)  Jørgen Nielsen
  (Right side) Hand Made , in Denmark
Jørgen is the brother of Kai Nielsen and son of Viggo Nielsen
Jørgen Nielsen



Jørn Larsen

Island of Lolland  Denmark

no logo on the stem


― UP town's ―

― Jørn, Larsen, Denmark ―

  Pipe carved for Uptown's Smoke Shops Nashville, Tennessee (USA)
Artisan: Jørn Larsen (born 1949) exports most of his pipes to the US.
Production (2007): ~ 400 pipes/year


St Louis, Missouri  USA
Brands with an unique letter logo


  JOST'S Thames (Arched) Pipe
Brands with an encircled letter logo


 (Left side) Jost's, Olde English, De Luxe
 (Right side) Made in London (In circle), England, J126

Proprietor of the tobacco shop: Mrs Henry A. Jost. She was a pipesmoker.

Artisan: Harwey Raspberry

Jost's Pipes are closely tied to Comoy. Many of Jost's pipes have the standard Comoy shape number and the "Made in England " in a circle. If the Jost's pipe doesn't have the "Made in England " it is probably made by Harwey Raspberry.



no logo on the stem



[Plant: Origin of the briar]

A [Infinity symbol]

Pipe from the "Infinity" serie (A grade).

no logo on the stem

 (Left side)



Made By Hand, In Germany


Exclusively for CAO (In diamond)

C.A.O. International Inc. was distributor for Joura pipes in USA for a while.

no logo on the stem




Markings indicating the origin of the briar.

Artisan: Karl Heinz Joura (born 1943) was an athlete and participated in many international competitions in the early 1960's. He is a full time pipe maker since 1979.

Production (2009): ~200 pipes/year. (2013): ~180 pipes/year.

Stampings: a symbol representing the origin of briar used. Corsica (a star), Sardinia (a tobacco plant), Southern France (a leaf)...

Grading (ascending):

  • sandblasted (rather rare prior to 2008),
  • 7, 8, 9, A
  • Infinity line (A to E),
  • Crown (A to E), 2 Crowns, 3 Crowns.


St Claude France
Logo JPL: Jean-Pierre Lacroix


: see Daniel Jud

Julius Vesz

Julius Vesz Pipes, beautiful handcrafted pipes
Toronto, ON Canada
Brands with ring  logo

 Julius Vesz, Hand Made, 2 (In circle) Canada 45
 Julius Vesz, Hand Cut, 9 (In circle) Canada, 2002
Pipes with filled ring  logo


Julius Vesz

Hand Cut Canada

GKCPC 2008 GKCPC: the Greater Kansas City Pipe Club

3 (In circle)

Artisan: Julius Vesz of hungarian origin

Two series:

  • Hand Cut (entirely by hand, very old briar)
    Grading (ascending): 3 - 9, then A - D
  • Hand Made (smaller and simpler pipes)
    Grading (ascending): 2 - 4

See also (early label): Craft

Julius Vesz


The brand's name as logo

  JULS Freehand
Artisan: Julian Schäffer.
He began carving pipes in 1982 and almost stopped the job in the early 90s. His 2001 collection brought 14 highgrade pipes together.


  Jumbo, Briar Italy
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