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Brands with an encircled letter logo

 (Underside) Peabody, Made in England, 315
English brand of an unknown maker

Pearl Bee

Prague  Czech Republic
Brands with a gemstone logo

  Pearl Bee [Pipe] (In oval)
Artisan: Radka Hofmannová carves pipes since 2006 in the city of Prague.
Logo: original freshwater pearl on the stem, sometimes on the shank.


: see Gregg Peevey


  Pehem, Fait Main, France
Brand used by Pierre Morel the father (†).


The brand's name as logo

 (On top) Pembroke, Italian Briar
According to Wilczak & Colwell, op. cit. Pembroke could be a label from Briatannia.


Brands with one red dot logo

(On top of the shank) PENN
According to Wilczak & Colwell (op. cit.) PENN would be a English brand by Albert Pengally Ltd (or "Pengelly").


Brands with two letters logo

 (Left side) Penthouse, Made in England
 (Right side) London. England, 9438

Peretti LJ Peretti Co. - Established 1870

Boston, MA USA
Brands with an unique letter logo




Brands with several letters logo

  Perkins, Old Root
Logo on stem: H.P.S (in oval)
Ferrule: 9 carat gold. Hallmarks from 1920

hallmarks: See enlarged views
Brands with clover, spade, heart logo

  Perkins, Crown of England
See also "Crown of England"

Perkins is a brand from H. Perkins & Sons Ltd. The partners were Henry (father), Arthur and Henry Charles Perkins. The activity of the firm was focused on metalworking.
Address: 33 Compton Street, Goswell Road, London, E.C.1

Not to be confused with C.B. Perkins


Brands with two letters logo


(Left side) Super Perlux Ecume

Meerschaum lined pipe


Brands with a spot or disk logo
Brand of Perma Products


See Paul Perri


Brands with two letters logo

Perry White

Perry White Hand made smoking pipes
Brands with two letters logo


 (Underside) America, Perry White, Hand Made, (?)MM5B2
Weight: 101 grams. MM indicates an Italian origin of the briar

Artisan: Bob Swanson. Perry White was the name of Bob's grandfather.

Bob Swanson 2011

Smooth pipes are graded A (1 to 3).
Blasted or rusticated pipes are graded B (1 to 3).
Large pipes are graded XL ... XXXL, M (magnum)

Production (2010): 50 - 75 pipes/year


Brands with two letters logo
  Persiani, Italia
 (Left side)   Persiani, Elite
  (Underside) 5735

Peter Brakner

(See Brakner)

Peter Heinrichs

Pfeifen - Zigarren - Tabake - Zigarillos - Zigaretten - Zubehör - Peter Heinrichs - - Pfeifen
 Köln Germany
Brands with pipe logo

Brands with person logo

  Peter Heinrichs Made in France 104 
 (Left side) Peter Heinrichs
  (Right sideMade in France, 102

Peter Kent

Brands with two letters logo


 (Left side) Peter Kent (In oval)
(Right side) Executive, 9436
9436 is a GBD billiard shape number.

Peter Stokkebye

Villiger Stokkebye International
Brands with shield logo
  Peter Stkkebye, Made in Denmark, H
Brands with two letters logo

 (Top side) Stokkebey
 (Underside) Dinner Pipe, Made in Denmark, 30
These markings may correspond either to an early period or to pipes not carved by Jorgen Larsen (or both).
Stokkebye pipes were usualy carved by Danish master carver Jorgen Larsen.

Ph. Vigen


no logo on the stem


Ph. Vigen

Made in ...

no logo on the stem


Ph. Vigen Copenhagen



Artisan: Jes Phillip Vigen Gertsen (born 1953) started in W.O. Larsen workshop and stayed there until it closed down. He successively worked for S. Bang and Pipe Dan. When the later closed in 1991, Ph. Vigen tried a time to craft his own name pipes. After this experience he produced for Bjarne but stopped making pipes when Bjarne Nielsen passed away in 2008.

Phoenix American Pipe

Corn cob pipes


Phoenix AM. (american) Pipe Wks (Works)

Boonville. MO

Corn cob pipes


Phoenix AM. (american) Pipe Wks (Works)

Boonville. MO

The Dewey

The Phoenix American Pipe factory was located at 2nd and Vine Streets in Boonville, Missouri (see Dok). It closed down in the mid-1950s.
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