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Brand created in 1850 in Paris by Ganneval, Bondier and Donninger.
Marechal & Ruchon Cie first, then C.J. Verguet Frères (closed in 1970) owned GBD from 1903 to 1970 and manufactered these pipes in the St Claude (Fr) plant.
Sometime in the 1970s Cadogan company (Oppenheimer group) took over GBD. Prior to this time, the pipes were stamped "London England" in a straight line, even if they were sometimes crafted in France.

1913 - 1938


 (Left side) GBD

(Band) GBD , [ancher] [lion] [o] or [O] , AO

Depending the Birmingham hallmark year code is a lower case "o" or a capital "O" the band of this bulldog pipe would be either from 1913 or from 1938. It's almost impossible to decide because the escucheon shape for the two years is the same.


Marques avec un logo en plusieurs lettres

 (Left side) GBD (In oval) Xtra
 (Right side New Era
Pipe dating from the 1930's


Meerschaum pipes

Brands with several letters logo

(Left side) Genuine Block Meerschaum

(Underside) 9438

(On stem) Tanzania

This pipe illustrates GBD's collaboration with the Tanganyika Meerschaum Corporation and French leather artisans in the 1970s.

Brands of the Tanganyika Meerschaum Corporation: Countryman, Kiko, Kikob, Kilimanjaro, Kudu, Twiga, Merlin, Sportsman,



The Midnight line (with a metal logo) appears in a cased set of three pipes.

Flame Grain



 (Left side) GBD (in oval) Flame Grain
 (Right side London England 789
The metal rondelles were discontinued after 1981 (merger with Comoy).


  GBD Century Conquest, 9519


  GBD (in rounded rectangle) International
The GBD "International" was also stamped with the usual "GBD in oval" mark instead of this rounded rectangle.
 (Left side) GBD (In oval) International, London Made
(Right side) London. England 357

Hyde Park


  GBD (in rounded rectangle) Hyde Park
  The GBD "Himalaya" and "International" lines have the same atypical logo.

Made in France


  GBD (In oval), Made in France
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