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Ichi Kitahara


no logo on the stem


― ICHI ―

― 2007 ―

― J P ―

Artisan: Ichi Kitahara started making pipes in 2004 under the guidance of H.Tokutomi. After a couple of years interruption he is back as part-time carver in 2012.

Idskov Pipes


no logo on the stem


― Idskov ―

― DK 2004 ―

Artisan: Carsten Idskov (born 1958) began making pipes in 2001. He continues (2012) to teach mathematics and wood-working.

Markings: each pipes is stamped with the Idskov name and the year of production.

Grading: none

Il Ceppo


(Left side)

Il Ceppo (arched)


E 3892 Made by Hand (arched), In Italy, 6 (In triangle)

Pipe from the first period.

(Left side)

Il Ceppo (arched) Freeline, , 6 (In triangle)


Made by Hand (arched), In Italy

(Right side)

D 1844

Pipe with a briar mouthpiece (first period). Other brands with such a mouthpiece: Barnaby, Kaywoodie Allbriar, LHS (Purex Allbriar). Brand with an other wood stem: Salvatella
Brands with an unique letter logo

(Underside) Il Ceppo, Freeline, 1 (Encircled), Hand Made, Italy

Brand founded by Giorgio Imperatori in 1977 (first period) and bought by Franco Corinaldesi Rossi (second period, about 1996) when Giorgio retired. Franco and his sister Nadia are the current (2011) Il Ceppo pipe makers.

Giorgio Imperatori
Giorgo Imperatori
Franco Corinaldesi Rossi

Les hommes d'Il Ceppo Les hommes d'Il Ceppo

Il Ceppo monte mieux Il Ceppo monte mieux

Circonvolutions cérébrales Circonvolutions cérébrales

Grading system.

Pipes from the first period:

  • "Il Ceppo" stamping slightly curved
  • A to H and a 4-5 digit number
  • Group number in a triangle

Pipes from the second period:

  • Straight "Il Ceppo" stamping
  • 1: Sandblasted
  • 2: Partially rusticated
  • 3: Partially sandblasted
  • 4-5-6-7: Smooth (ascending grain quality)
  • 9: Rusticated

Sub brand: Amarcord

Il Duca

: see Ducapipe

Il Ponte

Brands with an encircled letter logo



no logo on the stem

(Underside) ― Poul, Ilsted, Handcut, Made in Denmark, (grading?)
Artisan: Poul Ilsted (born 1946) carves pipes since 1968. He has worked for Erik Nørding, Svendborg and W.O. Larsen before making himself independant.
Production (2009): ~ 150 pipes/year
Speciality: facet pipes
Grading is a combination of a letter and a number.
(e. g. F 3)
The letter grade (ascending): from A to J
The number grade (ascending): from 1 to 4
Wether the "2 B" marking is equivalent to "B 2" (both occur) is not known.



Imperial Two Point London Made
Imperial Treble, London made, Made in England 426
The brand's name as logo

Imperial Sangrain, Made in England (in circle)


London England
Losange, Diamond

Inderwick, London
Brands with one blue or green dot logo

Indrwicks, Founded 1797
Inderwick & Co was founded in the early 19th century by John Inderwick. The warehouse was situated 58 Princes St, Leicester Sqr, London

Ingo Garbe

Island of Læsø Denmark

no logo on the stem

(Underside) ― G, Ingo Garbe ―
Artisan: Ingo Garbe carved his first pipes from 1967 in Germany. He moved then to Denmark. His pipes only bear his name and a "Runic" style G. No grade, no shape number, no date code.
Early pipes were stamped "Ingo G."

Invicta Briars

Brands with wooden spot or disk logo

Invicta, England, Hand Made
Brands with animal logo

(Left side) Invicta England
(Right side) Hand Made, By, Colin Fromm, 98
Logo: Rearing horse (faint)
Former artisans: Colin Fromm and Colin Leeson.
Brand created in 1974. Colin Fromm continued on his own with the Castleford brand.
Some Invicta pipes are issued from the cooperation between Colin Fromm, Bill Ashton Taylor and Les Wood.
2010: Colin Leeson retiring, Peter Ellam continues to be the sole craftsman of Invicta Pipes.


Largest Selection of Pipes, Pipe Tobacco and Cigars in Chicago @ Iwan Ries & Co.

Brands with two letters logo

(Left side) Iwan Ries & Co Nature

(Right side) Algerian Briar France

IRC pipes of French origin are usualy marked "IR" on their stems.

Big Ben, Houston, X-tra, 124, Made in Holland
IRC pipes manufactured by the Royal Dutch Pipe Factory usualy have an incercled IRC logo on their stems. See also: Big-Ben
Brands with star logo
Iwan Ries & Co
Brands with several letters logo
IRC ThreeStar.
Iwan Ries & Co has been providing Chicago smokers with pipes, cigars and tobaccos since 1857. The store has a little smoking room to the left in the back. An authentic old Chicago decor.
Address: 19 S. Wabash Ave. Chicago, IL
See also: La Salle
La pipe de Tarzan Tarzan's pipe


England France
Brands with two letters logo

IRWIN'S London Make, London England, 9465

Ivan Holst Nielsen


no logo on the stem

(Right side)

Ivan Holst Nielsen (In circle)


Hand Made, In Denmark

Artisan: Ivan Holst Nielsen was a well recognized pipe maker in the late 1960s and 1970s. After an long interruption he started again producing pipes about 2008.



no logo on the stem


. An Ivarsson . Product (In circle)

L I (cursive) 0401

Artisan: Lars Ivarsson (born 1944) is the son of Sixten Ivarsson and father of Nana Ivarsson.
Production (2009): 50-100 pipes/year



no logo on the stem


. An Ivarsson . Product (In circle)

N I (cursive) 5507

Artisan: Nana Ivarsson (born 19??) is the second daughter of Lars and granddaughter of Sixten Ivarsson

Production (2010): ~ 70 pipes/year.

Nana Ivarsson

Nana Ivarsson

The pipes are stamped with the same Lars' round stamp. An additional stamp in curved letters is showing the initials "NI" (contracted or seperated letters).

Dating: the two last digits of the number figuring on each pipe correspond to the year of manufacture (i.e. 07=2007). The two first digits indicate the manufacture rank in the year.

Early markings: the date is encircled in Ivarsson stamp (comparable to Sixten ).



no logo on the stem


. An Ivarsson . Product (In circle)


Specially Hand Made for

Pipe Dan Copenhagen

200 126

This pipe illustrates Sixten Ivarsson's long collaboration with the Pibe-Dan tobacco shop.

no logo on the stem


. An Ivarsson . Product (In circle)

1974 [Sun]

Artisan: Sixten Ivarsson (1910 - 2001) is more than just a pipe maker. He is a legend.
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