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Piazzolla Pascal - Artisan pipier, Maître pipier - Aviernoz, Haute-Savoie
Brands with two letters logo

P. Piazzola, Confrere Pipier
Artisan: Pascal Piazzolla
Adress: 16 A Chemin entre deux nant
74570 Aviernoz (France)
Pascal Piazzolla 2011


Brands with an unique letter logo

According to Wilczak & Colwell, op. cit.Piccadilly was a brand either of Weber (USA) or Baron & Co (England)


Brands with triangle logo

Pierluigi, Fatta a Mano, Per i miei Amici, B

Pierluigi, Fatta a mano, Per i miei amici

Artisans: Aldo and Andrea Pierluigi

See also: Mastro Beraldi

Pierre Cardin Pierre Cardin - Haute Couture - Design - Beauté


Pipes with this brand were usually carved by Jean Lacroix.

Other pipes from important luxury brands: Gucci, Hermes, Vuitton

Pietenpauw & Son

Pretoria South Africa

no logo on the stem

(Left side)

― Pietenpauw (On extension)

no logo on the stem


― Pietenpaw ―

no logo on the stem


― JP & Son ―

Newer stampings acting Pieter's collaboration with his father to Pietenpauw pipes production.

Artisans: Jean Christophe du Toit (born 1953) (AKA Jan Pietenpauw) crafts pipes with his son Pieter.

Former markings: Pietenpauw

Current markings (2011): JP & Son

Gradings: none


Brands with one blue or green dot logo

(Left side)

Pimpernel Blue

(Right side)


Brands with one red dot logo


Pimperel, Red

55 R


Losange, Diamond
Pinhurst (In diamond)

This pipe has a "Cigar-pipe" architecture. All the known Pinhurst pipes are from this type.
An overview of other Pinhurst stampings.

Same logo: Echt Bruyere

 Cigar pipes | Pipes cigare


12, Pino (script) Sandflame, Italy


England USA
Meerschaum pipes

Brands with an unique letter logo

Genuine Block Meerschaum, 240, Pioneer
Meerschaum pipes

Brands with an unique letter logo

(Right side) Block, Meerschaum

Probably a brand of Pioneer Pipes Co., a Meerschaum and Meerschaum lined pipes manufacturer and distributor.

Address (about 1960): 1817 Putnam Avenue, Brooklyn 27, N.Y.

Pioneer also used to import meerschaum pipes from the MANXMAN PIPES Ltd factory (Isle of Man, UK) as shown by the markings of this pipe. (See "Man")

Wilczak & Colwell, op. cit. mention pipes with this label from Duncan Briars Ltd, Oppenheimer Pipes or Delacour Brothers.

Do not confuse the Pioneer "P" logo with the one which may occur on Peterson's Meerschaum pipes.


Brands with ring logo

Pioverna, Fatta a Mano
Bellano-co, Fiammata

Pipas + O


no logo on the stem


Pipas + O

Artisan: Félix Massó-Milleiro started making pipes in 2008.

Gradings: none

Dating: no stampings

 Le dauphin | the delphin (Tursiops truncatus)

 La baleine | The whale (Balaenoptera musculus)


Copenhagen Denmark
The brand's name as logo

(Left side) DAN Shape-Reformed
(Right side) Pipe Dan, Copenhagen, 33, 478

no logo on the stem

(Left side)

DAN Shape-reformed

(Right side)

Pipe-Dan Copenhagen

98 P, 866



Pipe carved by Preben Holm when when he worked for the Copenhagen tobacconist (1963 - 1968)

Brand created in 1943. The shop (Danish name: Pibe-Dan) which closed in 1991 was run by H. Dan Christensen. He sometimes designed pipes but he is merely renowned for having helped young artisans like Tom Eltang, Preben Holm, Jes Phillip Vigen, Hans Hartmann...

Pipe-Dan let the pipe maker stamp his own name on a pipe along with the shop’s name.
The line name "Shape-Reformed" means that a traditional shape had been redesigned.

Do not confused this brand with the german tobacconist Dan Pipe Cigar & Company (Hafenstrasse 30 D-21481 Lauenburg / Elbe) or with Pipe-Den US tobacco shop.
See also (other pipe makers involved with Pipe-Dan): Gert Holbek, P. Holtorp, Sixten Ivarsson, Ib Loran

Pipe de Roi

Saint Claude France
Brands with crown logo

Artisan: André Bourgeois † (1911-1983)
Workshop (closed): 16 Rue du plan du Moulin (under the bridge) St Claude (France). All the tools were driven by a paddle wheel. The device has been condamned after the sewage liquids reorganisation by the township.

Pipe Den

Florida USA
Brands with one dot logo

Pipe Lon

St. Thomas, the Virgin Islands USA
Brands with two letters logo

(Left side) PIPE LON (with pipe and smoke)
(Right side) Made in, London England
Brand of the pipe shop run by Lon Schwartz who was the first US reseller for Preben Holm in 1967-68.

Pipe Maker

Brands with ring  logo

Pipelane Ltd

Seattle USA
Brands with shield logo

(Side 1) Pipelane, Ltd., Perfection

(Side 2) London Made 9487

Tobacco stores and stands company created in 1961
Adress: 3410 Arapahoe Pl W, Seattle
Brands with star logo

(Left side) Pipeworks, New York City, U.S.A.
(Right side) Made by Hand, Eliott Nachwalter, 83
Pipe crafted during the period (1980-1995) when Elliot Nachwalter owned with Carol Burns his ex-wife the Wilke pipeshop in NYC.
Elliot Nachwalter 2008


Brands with 2 dots logo

Brands with one dot logo

Pipex (over) Greece

A, Pipex, Canada, ®
Artisan: George Stefanou


Saint Claude France
Brands with star logo

(Side 1) PiPstar, popular (Side 2) 31070 Safety
A brand of C.J. Verguet Frères (closed in 1970). This company owned GBD from 1903 to 1970.
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