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E. Andrew

E. Andrew Briars - Welcome Page
Brands with an unique letter logo

  E. Andrew
Brands with one dot logo

  E Andrew 1993        Gold dot
Artisan: Edward Andrew Jurkiewicz
Edward Andrew Jurkiewicz

E. Oslo


no logo on the stem


― E. Oslo ―

Pipes from this second brand were not made on scratch by Mic Burns. Standard shape pipes were bought from Italian or English makers and modified afterwards in the artisan's way.


Brands with animal logo

  Eagle, Cool-Dry
According to Wilczak & Colwell, op. cit. this brand could be either from Hudson Universal (USA) or from W. J. Palmer & Co (England)

Earl of Essex

Brands with crown logo

  (Left side) Earl of Essex
 (Right side) Algerian Briar, France . (On band) 12K Goldplate
Brands with crown logo

  Earl of Essex, Imported Briar


 South Africa
Brands with 2 dots logo
Brands with 3 dots logo
Brands with 4 dots logo

Artisan: Ebenhart Botha
Ebenhart Botha

Echt Bruyere

Losange, Diamond


(Left side)

Echt Bruyere (Arched)


A. Petri

The stem logo is very similar to Parker's. The diamond in this logo is wider than high. The pipe could be of German origin (Echt = Real).

Same logo: Pinehurst

Ed Burak

(See Connoisseur)

Ed Sheffield

Brands with wooden spot or disk logo


Brands with an encircled letter logo

 (Left side) Ed's  (Right side Selected, Imported Briar
Private label of a US Tinderbox Pipe shop from Santa Monica (Ca). It was Bing Crosby's home store.

Eden Roc

Brands with an unique letter logo

  Eden Roc, Classic
This pipe is not from GBD's Eden Rock serie.

Eder Mathias

(Mr Hyde)
France Brazil

no logo on the stem


― Mr. Hyde ―

[Man with hat]

no logo on the stem


― M H ―

[Man with hat]

Artisan: Eder Nicoletti Mathias (born 1977 in Brazil) has established his workshop in Antibes (FR).

Markings: in addition to the man with the hat, the pipes are signed "M H" or "Mr Hyde" or "e m".


Brands with an unique letter logo
  Edison handmade 72 Old Briar
Serie in collaboration with Danish artisans.




  Edward's Handmade, Algerian Briar, S
Edward's Pipes, headquartered in Tampa, FL, got its start importing pipes from France and continued to do so from 1958 to 1963 when it started producing pipes in Florida from prime Algerian Briar, a practice they continue to this day (2010).
Randy Wiley, pipecarver in the USA, got his start at Edward's.


(See John Eells)


Luzern Switzerland
Brands with a spot or disk logo
   Hand Made
The Egloff Tobaccobar AG stopped its activities in 2007


  Boston, Mass. USA
Brands with an encircled letter logo
Brands with an unique letter logo

Brands with wooden spot or disk logo


 (left side) EHRLICH (right side) GB
 (Left side) EHRLICH  (Right side) French Briar, GB
This pipe was carved by George Bushee (G.B.), employee at Ehrlich's.
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