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  Blatter Bros., Montreal
This pipe was carved during the "factory period" (before 1964) but it was marked with a green dot which only appeared in 1964 and was continued untill 1967. After 1968 Blatter pipes were marked with the red dot. The stamping corresponds to a period ranging from mid 70ies to 1981.
More about Blatter markings...

Blatter & Blatter Inc. Pipemakers since 1907 Artisan: Robert Blatter

La pipe d'exception chez Blatter La pipe d'exception chez Blatter

Time line

  Real Briar, Foreign (In diamond), Blue Spot, Regd. No. 8732445
The spot may be discolored


(Kirk D.)


Artisan: Peter Brakner †
 Micro-rustication pour mini-pipe Micro-rustication pour mini-pipe




  Clairmont, Handmade, Italy
Brand created by Alberto Paronelli in the 1970's. Pipes usualy were crafted by Tom Spanu.

"Clairmont" is a francization of "Chiaramonti", birthplace of Tom Spanu.

See also: Casteldoria, Castelsardo




Blue dot


 (Left side) Freshman
(On top near stem) Made in France
Artisan: Gregory S. Clemons
Losange, Diamond 
  Indrwicks, Founded 1797
Inderwick & Co was founded in the early 19th century by John Inderwick. The warehouse was situated 58 Princes St, Leicester Sqr, London
Piladelphia  USA
 (Left side) Middleton (Arched), Selbur, Bruyere
 (Right side) Made in England (In circle)
 This is a pre-WWII churchwarden pipe.

P.G.C. Hajenius

Meet at Hajenius
Amsterdam Netherlands
  P.G.C. HAJENIUS, Amsterdam, Bluespot
House brand of the amsterdamer tobacconist. The rear area of the shop makes a place for a tobacco museum and library, along with a lounge where customers can order drinks and relax with their favorite smoke.
Address: Rokin 92-96  1012 KZ Amsterdam

Pall Mall



(Left side in diamond)

Finest, Pall - Mall, Bruyere

(Right side)

Made in


The dot on the stem is supposed to be light blue.
Pall Mall is a street in the City of Westminster, London renowned for being the home to various gentlemen's clubs and specialy the Diogenes Club a fictional club created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Phileas Fogg ("Around the World in Eighty Days" J. Vernes) was member of the Reform Club in the same street.
Brands with anchor logo Brands with pipe logo
 (Left side) Paronelli   (Right side) Sardinian, [star] Briar

(Left side)

Pimpernel Blue

(Right side)


Brands with 2 dots logo Brands with 4 dots logo Brands with more than 4 dots logo
 Pre-transition, 1919 - 1924. One dot on top of the stem
(Left side) Sasieni, London Made, PAT. N° 150221/20
(Right side)   30

In the context of the Sasieni/Dunhill trial and according to Stephan Smith:

"In an initial attempt to comply with US patent law, Sasieni moved the one blue dot to the side of the pipe.  This unfortunately didn't do the trick, and only a few side dot Sasieni's were ever made, which are now extremely rare and collectible."

Le Graal chez Sasieni Le Graal chez Sasieni
 Transition period, 1979 - 1986
(Left side) Claret, London Made, By Sasieni
(Right side) Made in England (Arched) 38
 Transition period, One dot, 1979 - 1986
The Alternative, London made, by Sasieni (Left) England (Right)
Blue dot on top and "S" on side of stem. A stem marking with a unique blue "S" exists too.
Probably dating from the late 1970s like "Claret" serie.
Other Sasieni transition pipes here


Newark (NJ) USA
  SCHOENLEBER Hand Made Imported Briar 5     Blue dot

Sir Percy



The Carlyle



 (Left side) The Carlyle Pipe
(Right side) Made in England (In circle) 164P
See also Carlyle as a brand.


Older logo
Un point vert Un point vert
Brands with one bar logo Brands with 2 dots logo   
 (Left side) Pipe of the Month
(Right side, top) Sweet Root
(Right side, bottom) Wally Frank LTD.
Each member of Wally Frank's "The Pipe of the Month Club" received a brand new pipe in the mail once a month.

Wilhelm Tell

(Left side) Wilhelm Tell, Bruyere

(Right side) 301


  Wilkinson, Imported Briar    Blue dot
Brand from the Bradberry Pipe Corp. NY
(J.M. Lopes, op. cit. p 247) 
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