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Brands with one red dot logo

 (Underside) Tsuge Yamato, 501, Hand Made in Japan
Brands with 3 dots logo

(Left side)

Tsuge Three Point

(Right side)

206 Made in Japan

The brand's name as logo

(Left side)

Tsuge Fancy Super

(Right side)

206 Made in Japan

The brand's name as logo


 (Underside) Tsuge Tasting

Tsuge Pipe Company Ltd.

The company was founded by Kyoichiro Tsuge (1911 - † Nov 2010). The traditional classic shape pipes are machine-made. After Kyoichiro Tsuge passed away, his three sons continue to run the two factories and the Ikebana workshop. Kyozaburo "Sab" Tsuge, the youngest son , manages the company.

Kyozaburo "Sab" Tsuge
See also (second brands): Azuma, Esterd

Tsuge Ikebana


no logo on the stem


.Tsuge. Made in Japan (In circle)

052 99



no logo on the stem



IKEBANA (In lines)


[encircled symbols]

Hand Made in Japan


Tsuge's Ikebana line was mainly crafted by Kazuhiro Fukuda. He learnt his art with Sixten Ivarsson and Lars Ivarsson in the 1960s. He was also the mentor of Kei'ichi Gotoh when the young pipemaker came to Tsuge and contributed to Ikebana line in 1981.


Pipes from the Ikebana line are hand-made and generally haven't any logo on the mouthpiece. They were graded (ascending) from "A" to "G". Depending to the period of time, high range Ikebanas grade stampings extended to ... "V" and lastly were canceled.

Twenty One



 (Left side) Twenty One

(Right side) Pat. N° 313973

A brand of Oppenheimer Pipes Ltd.
See also (number on stem): Tree


Brands with an unique letter logo



 (Left side) Twibi, Old Briar


Brands with animal logo


A brand of Tanganyika Meerschaum Corporation from Amboseli Pipes. (J.M. Lopes, op. cit.
Tanganyika : la Twiga Tanganyika : la Twiga

Twin Bore

The brand's name as logo

 (Left side) Twin Bore, Bite Proof

Model with a twin bore mouthpiece.

Other "twin bore" pipes: Beau Nash, Grand Master, Kaywoodie Allbriar and Durobit, Leonard's, Radice, Siam,

Twin Bore is a Comoy's second as demonstrated by the second enlarged view (Pictures from an other pipe).


Raucherbedarfsartikel Bielefeld Walter Twistel
Bielefeld  Germany
Enlarge, Agrandir
Brands with two letters logo


 (Underside) Twistel, Made in France
Private brand of Walter Twistel GmbH & Co., advertisement items

Two Brothers

Beijing China
Pipes made of misc. woods


(Left side)

兄弟烟斗 ( 兄弟 = Brothers 烟斗 = smoking pipe )

◊ (Right side)

0009/1000, Handmade in China

The tobacco shop is located in Yandaixiejie (Beijing) also called "Tobacco Pipe Lane".

Owner (2012): Mr Liu

The pipe is made out Chicken Wing wood (or Phoenix Tail wood). This name describes the tight and feather-like grain ressembling the iridescent quality on some chicken or pheasant's feathers (Chinese name: Ji chi mu 鸡翅木).

The wood is botanically classified in the Ormosia genus of which as many as twenty-six species may grow in China. Seven different species are reportedly utilized in arts and crafts (furniture).

Some Ormosia species are threatened by habitat destruction, while the Hainan Ormosia (O. howii) is probably extinct already.

Jichi Mu
Jichi Mu





 (Left side) Tyburn pipes, The young line


see Hurricane
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