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Red Dot

Brands with ring  logo

Red Hat


no logo on the stem


[a hat]

Artisan: Kjeld Sørensen full time pipe maker since 2003

Markings: "Kjeld" may be stamped under the hat logo of some pipes.

Production (2010): ~ 100 pipes/year

Red Point



Red Point, Old Briar

Red Star

Brands with star logo

  Red Star, Algerian Briar


(See John Redman)


Losange, Diamond

(On band) P in diamond
Cased pipe from the Reiss-Premier Corp. with a Redmanol stem and shank. The stems of Redmanol pipes usualy had a bone screw tenon.

Redmanol is not exactly a pipe brand but the name of a synthetic material, a phenol-formaldehyde resin very close to Bakelite, first developed in 1907 by Leo Hendrik Baekeland. Redmanol and also Condensite were competitors to Bakelite. The courts found that Redmanol and Condensite both infringed on Baekeland's patents, and in 1922 the three companies merged as the "Bakelite Company".

Some pipe brands having used Redmanol stems:

BBB, LHS (Redmanol line), Peterson (see broken Redmanol mouthpiece & replacement).


Brands with an encircled letter logo

  Redonian De Luxe, London Made, Made in England

Brand of John Redman Ltd.

See also Buckingham Palace


Brands with an unique letter logo
  (Left side) Redwood    (Right side) Hand Made


Søborg Denmark
Brands with an unique letter logo
  Refbjerg, Hand-Carved, Made in Denmark

Artisan: Søren Refbjerg Rasmussen (retired).

Pipes for the European market are mostly stamped "Refbjerg" while those for US are stamped "Søren".

Søren Refbjerg Rasmussen
See also: Danbark


Brands with an unique letter logo


Brands with an unique letter logo

Brands with an unique letter logo



Brands with an encircled letter logo

  Regis, Super Grain Briar, 118



no logo on the stem


― Handmade, A. Reichert, Germany (In oval)

Artisan: Axel Reichert is pipe maker since 1998.

Pipes are neither graded nor dated.

Posthorn Pfeife

Le platane et les galants



no logo on the stem


― Handcrafted ―

― Reiner, Pipe Art Design ―

― A ―

(On band)

― 925 ―

The "Reiner" brand was created by Reiner Klein in 1983. He mainly carved non-filter pipes which is rather rare for a German pipemaker. In 1989 Rüdiger Lutz Will bought the business and the brand. After 9 months Reiner Klein came back and stayed as Will's collaborator until 1997. During this period Reiner Klein was in charge of the production and R. L. Will dealed with marketing and design. When they split, the later continued to market "Reiner" pipes he designed and had them crafted in Germany, Denmark or Holland.

Markings 1983-89

  • Gradings (ascending): C, B, A
  • Stampings: "Handmade" - "reiner"

Markings 1989-97

  • Gradings (ascending): D, C, B, A, AS, S
  • Stampings: "Handcraftet" - "Reiner" - "Pipe Art Design"

Markings 1998-

  • Stampings: "Reiner Design"

Reiner Thilo


no logo on the stem


― Reiner Thilo, Freehand ―

― b1 ―

Artisan: Reiner Thilo Bindschädel (born 1961) started selling his pipes in 2002.

The code on the pipes is composed of a letter and a number.

The number indicates the finish:

  • 3 (rusticated)
  • 2 (partialy rusticated)
  • 1 and 0 (smooth finish)

The letter is the quality grading (ascending): from "e" to "a".

Exceptional pipes ("Premium") are stamped with their own name.

Production: ~ 120 pipes/year


: See João Reis


: See Premier


Brands with star logo
Brands with star logo

(Left side) Rembrandt Baltic

(Underside) 625, Italy

Brands with an unique letter logo

(Left side) Rembrandt, Imported Briar

Brand of the National Briar Pipe Co (Jersey City, New Jersey, USA).

Others brands from this company: The Biltmore, Forecaster, Honey Brook, and The Doodler (after 1960).


Tucson (AZ)  USA

no logo on the stem


― Remington ―

― USA 10―

Artisan: After having studied molecular biology, Adam Remington (born 1983) started to carve pipes in 2009.

Dating: the 2 digit number indicates the year of manufacture

Grading: usualy none, sometimes a "Best" stamp and very exceptional pipes are marked with an A inside of a circle (only 1 pipe from 2009 to 2012).


Brands with 2 dots logo

  Rettalb "Rettalb" is an anagram of Blatter
"Rettalb" is an anagram of Blatter


Michail (Mr Pipes)
Brands with 2 dots logo

The two dots disappeared after 2006



Facet pipe carved in 2011 with vulcanite application on briar and briar application on vulcanite. This "Bee shape" is ingeneered with a secondary cooling chamber in the shank providing a "Calabash effect".

Artisan: Michail Reviagin (born 1972) started making pipes in 2000.

Neither rustic nor sand-blasted pipes at least until 2011. The pipes never are graded or dated.

Production (2010): ~ 60 pipes/year

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