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V. Beast

Kiev  Ukraine

no logo on the stem


― V. Beast ―

Artisan: Valera Rijenko (or Valery Ryzhenko) (born 1964) is a selftaught pipemaker who started in 2002 with pear wood pipes. He switched to Briar for good in 2003.



no logo on the stem


◊― [Logo] Vacher ―◊

― 36 - 03 ―

Artisan: Robert Vacher (born 1961) of Laughing Moon Pipes. He helped Brian Ruthenberg at his beginings.

The pipes are stamped with a 4 digits number (in one or two parts).

First 2 digits: pipe number in the year. Last 2 digits: year of manufacture.

5702: 57th pipe crafted in 2002

36-03: 36th pipe crafted in 2003


Brands with an unique letter logo

  Valby, Made in Denmark, 75
Valby is the name of a danish town lying north of Copenhagen.

Vander Elst




 (Left side)

Vander Elst, Selected Briar

(Right side)


Vander Elst is a brand of the Tabacofina Vander Elst NV company, an Anvers-based manufacturer of cigars and tobacco.


Brands with ring logo

  Vanderbilt, Imported Briar


Brands with an unique letter logo


  Vanguard Real Briar


VAUEN GmbH: Pfeifen + Filter
Brands with one dot logo

  (Left side) Vauen Luxus
    (Bottom) 6298
Brands with a spot or disk logo


 Designed by Barontini

In 1848, Karl Ellenberger and his partner Carl August Ziener establish a pipe factory in Nuremberg. In 1901 they merge with Gebhard Ott an other factory in town and they create a firm named Vereinigten Pfeifenfabriken Nürnberg (abbreviated : VPFN*). Shortly after Ernst Eckert, a member of the Ott family became manager of the society. During the 20th century Adolf, Ernst (jr) and Alexander Eckert (CEO in 2012) followed one another at Vauen's head.

* VPFN : "V" is said VAU in German (pronounce faou) and "N" becomes EN. Hence VAUEN.

 Le seigneur des anneaux

 DM Pfeife

 Zeppelin #1

 Zeppelin #2


(see Aldo Velani)






Brands with an unique letter logo

  Versailles, Made in France
Ropp's export brand for leather wrapped pipes.


(see Julius Vesz)
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