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Brand created by Eugène-Léon Ropp (1830 - 1907) and continued throughout 3 generations. "GBA Synergie" run by Bernard Amiel (†2008) bought back Ropp in 1988 and owned it until 1991.

The company was taken over by Cuty-Fort Entreprises (Chacom, Vuillard, Jean Lacroix...) in 1994.



Pipes made of misc. woods



Ropp Bussang

S G D G (Sans Garantie Du Gouvernement)

Bussang is the name of the village in the Vosges montains (N-E France) where Eugène-Léon Ropp (1830 - †1907) established his very first workshop. The pipe above may be from this early period (1870-1893) because of:

  • The Bussang stamping
  • The horn mouthpiece
  • The round lip

Eug. Ropp

  Eug. Ropp (Script underlined)  
Early stampings with the signature of Eugène Ropp, second of the dynasty.

J. Ropp


(Left side) J. Ropp, Maitre Pipier

(Right side) Selected

"J" is the initial of "Jean" Ropp third of the dynasty.

Virgin De Luxe

 (Left side) Ropp (In oval) Virgin De Luxe (Arched)
  (Right side Made in France, 71

Hors Classe

The brand's name as logo

 (Underside) Ropp (In oval), Hors Classe (Arched), D3
Brass logo reserved for higher quality pipes
Pseudo Cavalier


  Ropp (In oval)    Horn mouthpiece


Brands with one bar logo

 (Left side) Ropp (In oval) Nationale  (Right side) 570
Other french flag logo: Vincent


Brands with ring logo

 (Left side Ropp (In oval), Classic  (Right side) 8673
Enlarge view to display two different models


 (Left side) Edil   (Right side) Ropp (In oval)
Similar logo: Colossals


Brands with one bar logo

  (Left side) Super (Arched), Ropp (In oval)
 (Right side) Yeco, Junior


 (Left side) Ropp   (Right side) 013  Logo: 1er

Logo R

Brands with an encircled letter logo



  Ropp Gypon


Brand with an arcitecture logo
  ROPP (In oval) Trocadero


Pipes made of misc. woods

 (Left side Ropp (In oval), Concorde  
  (Right side) Made in France (In circle), 3
Cherry wood pipe

Genuine Cherry

Pipes made of misc. woods

Brands with an unique letter logo

 (On bottom) Genuine Cherry, Made in France
Cherry wood pipe with bark.
Ropp stamped a cursive R on the stems of some of their export pipes.
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