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Tarzan's pipe: episode 4

Confused thoughts enter your mind as soon as you pick the object up. The startling contrast between its extreme softness and its primitive nature is poignant to say the least!

I would go as far as to say that this emotional turmoil impedes the actual smoking. It is nearly impossible to really enjoy the burning tobacco over the many noises of the jungle, the smell of the tropical forest and the faint noises of African drums that all seems to emanate from the pipe.

The stitching of the cladding is perfectly executed with what looks like hemp fiber. One can only marvel at the fact that such a precise stitching was done without the aid of any modern metal tools.

The nomenclature is exceptional. While many claims that it says IRC, it is, in fact, the acronym TRC (Tarzan Rare Creation) that is stamped, the same marking was also found on one of his knives.

The name “Sauvage” is naturally fitting. Please note the confusion between the “U” and the “V” that is, of course, easily explained by the simple fact that Tarzan had not been blessed by having had a proper education.

As for the “Made in France” inscription, the leading tarzanologists seem lost in conjectures and unable to agree on a plausible explanation.



The REAL characteristics of the pipe:

Brand: IRC (Iwan Ries Chicago)
Tobacco and smoking items retailer
Some IRC pipes were produced by RADICE (Italy), others in France.

Material: Briar wood

Cladding: Printed Cow or Horse hide (beige and dark brown).

Stem: Ebonite

Shape: Dublin

Weight: 34g

Nomenclature   Dimensions  
Made in France
  Lenght. : 14,5 cm
Bowl hight: 4,8 cm
Ø inside : 1,8 cm
10 euros


Feb 27, 2006
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