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Tarzan's pipe: episode 3

After having recounted the origins of the famous pipe this time I will give you the fruits of all my labor.

It is, of course, made of briar. The cladding is made of leopard (Panthera pardus). Reportedly the animal that provided the pelt was slain by Tarzan's bare hands, after a long and violent battle. Man only came out on top by being motivated by the intense desire to smoke a leopard skin clad pipe!

I assure you that the pleasure of looking at the pipe can't hold a candle to the absolute joy of touching it. The hairs are facing the opposite way on each face of the pipe, so when you stroke alongside the hair on the right face, the left face is stroked against the hair. But it is safe to assume that Tarzan didn't intend to make any kind of political statement by this detail. Caressing the pipe is very pleasant as long as you mind the “grain” of the hair.

To be continued ...

Feb 22, 2006
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