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Tarzan's pipe: episode 2

The mysterious image from the previous entry is, in fact, a close-up of a pipe. The feral aspect of the object is lost on no one, and rightly so, since it happens to be a photo of Tarzan's pipe!

Ladies and gentlemen I give you an exclusive look at the Lord of the Jungle's pipe.

Acquiring it was not an easy task, and I will spare you the many long and arduous adventures that led me to the deepest reaches of the African virgin forest in its search. But to sum it up, it was the marabou of a local tribe who gave it to me. All I had to do in exchange was to obtain for him falsified documents making him a citizen of France, where he is seriously considering relocating to.

One day, during our long negotiations, the man told me that Jane would force our hero to smoke outside of their high perched shack. This detail was completely unknown to me and, I must admit, shakes the very foundation of the mental image I had of him.

Could it be possible that, while being able to command the most ferocious of animals, he became powerless when his wife was concerned? I hear that her disapproval of his pipe smoking even forced him to add a small balcony to his cozy tree-top home.

Along with the famous pipe, the marabou also gave me pro bono an original picture of said pipe, in use, clearly attesting to the provenance of the piece. You be the judge.


In the next episode you'll discover all the details of the pipe.

Feb 18, 2006
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