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Geiger & Carlson


no logo on the stem


― Geiger & Carlson ―

This label was born from Love Geiger's and Bengt Carlson's collaboration.

Geiger Pipes

Geiger pipes

Brands with ring  logo

Usually there arn't any logo on Love Geiger stems

no logo on the stem

 (Left side)

― Geiger [Pipe] Sweden ―

[Symbol in circle]

The encircled symbol under "Sweden" is unusual. Its signification is unknown.
Artisan: Love (born 1979) and Sara Geiger colaborate to realize each of their pipes.
Markings: some pieces are stamped with the manufacture year (i.e. 06 = 2006).


Vallauris (Alpes_Maritimes)  France
The brand's name as logo

  Gema, 14/40
Limited and numbered (14/40) edition of a ceramic pipe from Marcel Giraud (1897-1985). It displays General De Gaulle's head. These pipes were crafted in 1970-71.


les PIPES Vincent GENOD et Paul VIOU
St Claude France


Brands with an unique letter logo
 (Left side Genod, Saint Claude France
 (Left side) Genod, Saint-Claude . France
The pipes do not systematically sport a logo on the stem. The brand was established in 1970 by Jacques Craen. See also the Paul Viou brand.
Jacques Craen
Jacques Craen


Brands with an unique letter logo

  Gentleman, N°1
Pipes with this name have been produced by Chacom, Butz Choquin (France) or P.M.T. Amadeus (Greece)

Georg Jensen
Brands with two letters logo
  Georg Jensen Made in Denmark Pipes  
  Georg Jensen, Made in Denmark Pipes
 (Left side) Georg Jensen (Underside) Handmade In Denmark
Alternative shank stampings
Brands with star logo
 Markings for the US market Jensen Made in Denmark

See also (Danish pipe with the same star logo):

Cortina, Stern

Brands with an unique letter logo

  Jensen, Made in Denmark

Per Georg Jensen managed the Georg Jensen Pipe brand during 23 years and is currently (2011) activ as "Tobacco Professor" at Mac Baren Tobacco Company.

See also: Danets, North Dane Pipes, White Star, Goodwill

Per Georg Jensen 2008


Brands with an unique letter logo

 (Left side) Georgetown
  (Right side) Made in London, England
Brands with an unique letter logo

 (Left side) Georgetown


Ser Jacopo Ser Jacopo - Gepetto
Brands with person logo

  3 03 J (in oval) Gepetto, Italy, Hand Made    Silver inlaid Pinocchio

Gert Konrad

Brands with a spot or disk logo

Getz Pipe


no logo on the stem

 (Left underderside)

― . getz . ―

― Handmade ―

Artisan: Georgi Todorov (born 1971) is a full time pipe carver since 1999.
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