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Brands with a vegetal logo

Thomas, 1025, St Claude (Arched over) France
This fleur-de-lis logo indicates a pipe which is obviously from the same origin as Bayard, Chadhall, Omega and Duke of Kent pipes.
Others fleur-de-lis logos: Ajustomatic , Cellini, Fleur de lis, Harrington Park, Vincenzo Lombardi
Brands with an unique letter logo

Thomas, Avant Gout, 997

Thomas Cristiano

Tampa, FL USA
Brands with ring  logo

(Underside) T. Cristiano


Thomas Cristiano, Fatta a Mano, C, 99

Artisan: Thomas Christiano is born (1951) in a Italian emigrated family who came to USA in 1968. He founded his own company in 1982. A great part of the pipes are made in Italy by Barontini or, according to J.M. Lopes op. cit., by L'Anatra.

Grading (ascending): F to A
See also: Calabresi

Thomas James


no logo on the stem




94 10

Artisan: Thomas James Richards entered the pipe making scene in 2008.

Markings : On bottom of the "T J" initials, two numbers.

  • The first at left indicates the production order in the year.
  • The second correspond to the manufacture year (10 = 2010)


Big Ben
(Underside) Thompson, Made in Holland, 301


(Underside) Thompson, Barbados
(Underside) Made in Holland (In circle) 641
See also Big Ben's Barbados line
Brands with an unique letter logo
(Left side) Thompson
(Right side) Selected Briar
(Bottom) West Germany


(See Nils Thomsen)

Thorburn Clark

Manchester England
Brands with two letters logo

Thorburn Clark Ltd, Manchester, Extra
Thorburn Clark, Manchester
This tobacconist used to carve his own pipes. The Manchester shop closed in the 1970s (?)


Brands with animal logo

(Left side) Thoroughbred, Pigskin
(Right side) Leather, Briar Italy
See also: Derby (Same horse logo)



no logo on the stem


T. Thorpe , 12

Artisan: Timothy W. Thorpe

First pipes: 2006

Gradings (ascending): I and II (rusticated) III and IV (sandblasted), V (smooth)

Three Star

Brands with star logo


Three Star, Rust



no logo on the stem



Artisan: Ronny Thunér (born 1968) started making pipes in the beginning of 2005. Suffering from "Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder" (ADHD), the pipe maker activity helps him to put these difficulties under control and try to live a normal life.

Markings: no gradings, no dating.


See Kallenberg


(Bjørn) Thurmann Pipemaker
Svaneke Denmark
Brands with one dot logo


Bjørn Thurmann

79 Hand Made Denmark

Brands with ornate spot or disk logo

Bjorn Thurmann, Hand Made, Perfect
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