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 (Left side) Kaywoodie  (Right side) F

The color of the stem and/or the finish of the bowl could change: see detailed view for three variants.

The issue with this model was the rhinestones which often came off the bowl.

See also: White Briar

Leather wrapped


(On stem left side) Kaywoodie
The stitchings are rather atypical when compared to leather clad pipes from other brands.

Liberty Bell


  Liberty Bell, Commemorative, by Kaywoodie

This pipe was made in 1976 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the independence of the United States.

See also the pipe commemorating the 200th anniversary of the French revolution.


Brands with a spot or disk logo

  Kaywoodie, Magnum, Imported Briar

 (Left side) Kaywoodie, Magnum, Imported Briar

Period: 1974 - 1989

The Magnum line had always a half smooth, half rusticated finish.


  Kaywoodie Mandarin
The Mandarin line was produced from 1958 to 1967

Matched Grain



 (Left side) Matched Grain, Kaywoodie
(Right side) 13 and 07

Period: 1938 (about) - 1969 (at least).

Observe the two different positions of the clover logo on the stems.

Pipes in this box

  • Shape number 07: a large Billiard
  • Shape number 13: a large Dublin


Meerschaum pipes

 No markings on the shank.

Period: 1958 - 1968

Twin bowl model. Meerschaum pipe with two screew-in and interchangeable bowls made of meerschaum too.

 (Left side)

Kaywoodie, Meerschaum, Imported Briar
 (Right side) 13 B



 (Left side) Kaywoodie, Original, Imported Briar (Right side) 4000
Period: 1961 - 1970

Oversize Kaywoodie

 (Left side) Hand Made, Kaywoodie
 (Right side) Imported Briar
▲  Among the seven Oversize finishes shown in the 1947 catalog, two were banded: the "Goliath" (Virgin finish) and the "Hercules" (Walnut finish). This pipe seems to be a "Hercules".
(Left side) Hand Made, Kaywoodie (Right side) Imported Briar
Among the Oversize models only one is meerschaum lined (see this pipe detailed views): It is called the "Samson".
All the Oversize models are stamped "Hand Made".

Red Root


  REDROOT, Imported Briar
The Red Root is not a part of the original Kaywoodie line. It is a style of pipe introduced in 1976 by S.M. Frank after that company purchased Kaywoodie.



 (Left side)

Kaywoodie, Regent

Imported Briar

(Right side)


Period: 1963-1972
The Regent model was systematicaly fitted with a Cumberland stem.


  Kaywoodie, Ruf-Tone, Imported Briar
This line was introduced in 1977



(Left underside) Kaywoodie Rustica
Period: 1965 - 1967



(Underside) Kaywoodie, Setter, Imported Briar

Period: 1955 -1968

The model has a flat bottom (hence "Setter") and is available in panel (this pipe), billiard and poker shapes. It comes without system (stinger) and with a push stem.



  (Underside) 5605 Shellcraft Kaywoodie

Stampings of a Shellcraft pipe crafted in the early 1930s with a Synchro-stem system. The pipe is sandblasted while the early Shellcraft was rusticated. The "drinkless logo" on the stem has been replaced by a clover and a 4 digit shape number has been attributed indicating thus the entry of the Shellcraft into Kaywoodie's lines.



 (Underside) Kaywoodie, Silhouette, 04

Period: 1943-1972

Pipes of the Silhouette line allways came in a sandblasted finish and with a metal band.



(Left side) Stembiter Kaywoodie

(Right side) 69

The bit incorporated a 3-way smoke passage with two of the passages terminating in the lip-end of the bit and the third in the notch on the top of the bit (see enlarged picture #3).

The model has been released in the early 1950's

See also the "All Briar" model with the same notch.

Super Grain

(Left side) Super Grain (Over...) Kaywoodie
 (Right side) Imported Briar, 5131C
 This pipe is stamped with a four digit number which situates its production year between 1931 and 1938. Because of the introduction of the "Imported Briar" stamping in 1935, the pipe could have been manufactured between 1935 and 1938.


 Kaywoodie (Over...) Super Grain, Imported Briar
Compare the stampings of these two pipes: Early Super Grains were stamped Super Grain over top of Kaywoodie.

White Briar


 (Left side) Kaywoodie White Briar
The Streamliner shape above with a White Briar finish was already intruduced in 1953 since it appeared on a calendar of that year.

Period: 1951-1989

The bowls of the White Briar line come with hard white finish. Note a different screw thread as for the usual Synchro Stem patent. (Compare enlarged view with the following document)

(No line stamping)



Early pipes
Pipes by line name: A-K
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