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Fabrizio Romeo

Brands with an unique letter logo

(Left side) Fabrizio Romeo

(Right side) Freehand

Artisan: Fabrizio Romeo crafts free hand pipes in Reggio Calabria with briar from the Aspromonte .

Production (2007): ~1000 pipes/year

Fabrizio Romeo 2007


Maryland USA
Brands with ring  logo
FADER'S Filter pipe, Imported Briar, Italy
Brands with an unique letter logo

FADERS, English Rough
Made in England, 9437
Fader's: tobacconists since 1891


Fairchild Pipes handcrafted briar smoking pipes
Houston, Texas USA
Brands with several dots logo
Brands with one dot logo

Ron Fairchild, 2005
Artisan: Ron Fairchild
~ 100 pipes / year


Germany Denmark
Brands with two letters logo

(Left side) Charles Fairmorn
(Right side) Hand Made, in Denmark
Brand of a wholesaler. Different artisans ( German, Danish or Irish) depending on period. In 2007 the pipes are carved by Helmer Thomsen (Denmark)


Brands with animal logo

Falcon, Made in England (Under the bowl) AN, 7

(Underside) Falcon Ireland
The casting originated in Ireland but actually only some bowls came from Ireland.
Markings for U.S. made Falcon pipes

The Falcon Pipe is an American invention, patented by Kenley Bugg of Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1936.

1948: George L. Hunt of Diversey Machine Works (D.M.W) signed a contract with Falcon Industries as exclusive Falcon pipe distributor for U.S. and Canada.

1956: D.M.W purchased the patents and trademarks from Falcon Industries Inc. and took over the Falcon pipes manufacture.

1968: Falcon pipe production moved from the U.S to the U.K in its entirety. Falcon Pipes Ltd. (also known as Falcon House Group) was owned by David E. Morris.

Falcon Pipes Ltd later became Merton and Falcon Co.

1974: Falcon London had sold about 14 million pipes around the world outside the U.S.A.

the Falcon logo on the mouthpiece was discontinued in 1994.

George L. Hunt 1948
George L. Hunt

Others metal pipes logos & markings: Alco, Bryson, Dr Plumb, Duncan, Kaywoodie (Filter Pipe , Filter plus, Filtronic), Medico Ventilator, Ornsby.


Brands with animal logo

(Underside) Falcon, Made in London, England, 252
See also (same logo): Royal Falcon


Brands with star logo

Favorit, Real Briar, "Ecume" 0115


St Claude France
Brands with diamond logo
Brand of the Forestier-Bourgeois Cie factory.
Longchamp pipes were crafted in these workshops.
Tournoi des six nations Tournoi des six nations


FCSC : Football Club Saint Claude



(Left side) Fe-Ro
Pipe with a 9mm filter.

The three brothers Cornelio, Frederico and Carlo Rovera established the "Fratelli Rovera" corporate in 1911. In 1949 Frederico stepped out of the partnership to found his own corporate which is known today under the name "Figli di Federico Rovera" (Fe-Ro). 

Angelo Rovera and his son Dorielo, founder of the Ardor pipe brand are from the same family but the two corporates are entirely independent of each other.


Brands with an unique letter logo


Brands with several letters logo


Ferndown, Bark

[3 stars]

Hand Made In England, Les Wood

(On band)

L&JS, 925

Size markings (ascending): 1, 2 or 3 stars

Finish markings: Bark (sandblasted or rusticated) Root (smooth, light brown) Chestnut (smooth, brown or red)

Artisan: Leslie (Les) Wood. He was the master silver smith at Alfred Dunhill Ltd. before starting L. & J.S. Briars.
Pipes for the European market are stamped "L. Wood" while those for US are stamped "Ferndown".
Production: ~ 2000 pipes/year (Ferndown + L.Wood)
See also Elwood
Leslie Wood


Brands with an unique letter logo

Ferrari Milano

Festival of Britain

Brands with an unique letter logo

Festival of Britain
Brand from an unknown British maker
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