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Castello PIPA CASTELLO di Carlo Scotti & C. was founded in 1947 by Carlo Scotti († 1988). Franco Coppo (AKA "Kino") who married Carlo Scotti's daughter Savina, manages (2012) the corporate since 1985.

Carlo Scotti
Carlo Scotti
Franco Coppo 2012Franco Coppo manager

Sizes (ascending):

1K to 4K, G (Giant) and GG (Extra large)

Rusticated grading:


Sandblasted grading: ANTIQUARI, OLD ANTIQUARI

Smooth grading (ascending):


Other stampings:

Great Line (Non-standard or freestyle) Fiammata (Straight grain)

Production (2012): ~4000 pipes / year

Castello KKKK

Brands with one bar logo



The white bar logo was originaly ivory. It has been replaced with plastic and it has no standard lenght.

Castello GG




Collection KKKK



 [Castello logo] Castello, Collection, KKKK (In Oval), Carlo Scotti
White bar logo on wooden extension.

Dating: 41 inside the castle emblem = 1988

Only the higher quality pipes are stamped with that date reference (starting from the smooth "Castello" grade). Lower grades as Sea Rock, Old Antiquari or Trade Mark pipes are near impossible to date.
The castle stamping with a number inside the castle was introduced in 1987 (the 40th anniversary of Castello).


Le Catene


(Left side)

"LE CATENE" Fiammata

Castello, Collection


(script) Carlo Scotti,

12 . 250

(in oval) Carlo Scotti

(Right side)

Made in Cantu, Italy

(Bottom of stem)

Hand Made, Castello

Stamped as pipe #12 from a series of 250
Alternative finish of the band.


Occhio di Pernice

 (Left side)

[Castello logo] Occhio di Pernice

Catstello Collection, Carlo Scotti (script)

(Right side)

Made in Cantu, Italy


US, Carlo Scotti (In oval)

Occhio di Pernice: Birds eye

Dating: 54 inside the castle emblem = 2001




  Great Line Fiammata [Castello logo],

Castello Collection Carlo Scotti (Signature)

Fiammata: an extremely rare mark. It is used on exceptional pipes, only on a very few pieces per year.

Dating: 50 inside the castle emblem = 1997



(Bowl underside)

C.S. Castello, Epoca

(Shank underside)

(script) Carlo Scotti, Made in Cantu, Italy

(in oval) Carlo Scotti

Hand Made, Castello, 6


C.S. Castello, Epoca

Carlo Scotti (In oval) Made in Cantu, Italy

Carlo Scotti (in oval)

(Stem underside)

Hand Made, Castello, 5


46 (In Castello logo) C.S.

Castello Epoca

[Sun] V

Carlo Scotti

Made in Cantu Italy

Carlo Scotti (In oval)


(Stem underside)

Hand Made, Castello

Dating: 46 inside the castle emblem = 1993


C.S. Castello, Epoca

G, Made in Cantu, Italy

Carlo Scotti (in oval)

The Epoca line started about 1960 and evoluted from the “Candle-End” to the “Drop of Candle”. Observe this evolution on the above pipes. The line was discontinued prior to 2000.

Not to be confused: Castello's Epoca line and the "Epoca" brand.



(Left side)

21 24 Castello

Made in Cantu Italy

Carlo Scotti

52 (In Castello logo) (Year 1999)

This pipe is stamped 52 which correspond to 1999. This is the year this finish came out. During their 2 first production years, the Castello's Flame pipes were not stamped "Flame".
The Castello "Flame" finish succeeded the "Epoca" and was carved by the same craftsman who used to create the Epocas. He retired about 2009-2010 and since the "Flame" finish isn't produced anymore.

Perla Nera




1 US [logo] Castello Perla Nera Made in Cantu Italy

Carlo Scotti (In oval), Carlo Scotti (Signature)

(On Mouthpiece underside)

Hand Made, Castello

Black smooth finish pipes






Castello, Antiquari, Made in Cantu

REG. N° 66471 N°

  This pipe with a patent number is from the first years after WWII. Its white bar is made of ivory. The Antiquari line has been discontinued later.

Old Antiquari



Castello, Old Antiquari

Made in Cantu, Italy, 11.230

Castello, 1997 (On band)

Sea Rock

Brands with a gemstone logo

  Castello, Sea Rock Briar, Made in Cantu (In oval),

Carlo Scotti, SS, 56

Rhinestone logo was originaly on pipes for the US market. It is occasionally used now.

Old Sea Rock


  Castello, Old Sea Rock
  KK74, Hand Made
  Made In Cantu, Italy, Carlo Scotti (In oval)



 (Left side) Castello, Trademark, G

(Right side) Made in Cantu, Italy
(Underside) US, Carlo Scotti (In oval)




  00.24 Castello, Made in Cantu, Italy, Reg N° ...
Pipe carved in 1999.
Double logo mouthpiece - includes both the rhinestone and white bar logo.

Natural Virgin



 Natural Virgin K Carlo Scotti Made in Cantu, Italy
The black dot is used exclusively on white stems.
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